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Jeffrey Wang


"Jeffrey’s thinking on coin magic is great! Love his work.”                                  

- Shin Lim

Jeffrey Wang (王元捷) is a magician from Beijing, China who specializes in close up magic. He began learning magic at the age of six and has been performing for over 16 years.

Jeffrey is the director of the International Association of Chinese Magicians (IACM), a member, performer, and lecturer of the Hollywood Magic Castle, a member of The Society of American Magicians and the International Brotherhood of Magicians, as well as a lecturer of Penguin magic.

He has published several tutorials, including Jeffrey's Coin Magic with International Magic Shop London, and Now You Sleeve Me with world champion Shin Lim and Ellusionist, which became one of the most popular downloads. He has also published Heat The Coin and Retention S in Mandarin, Vanish Into The Cloud in Mandarin and English.

Jeffrey has been a guest performer and lecturer at several magic conventions, including the M.E.E.T. International Magic Convention, MMMM Japan, and World Magic Convention Australia, The National Magic Congress of Spain. In recent years, he has been invited to perform at various colleges in California, including USC, UCI, UCB, and UCLA. He is also one of the youngest magicians to have conducted an Asian lecture tour.

Jeffrey has been invited to do special private performing for many celebrities, including David Blaine, Xiaogang Feng(冯小刚), Daniel Wu(吴彦祖), Jingchu Zhang(张静初), Brain OShea(夏波波), Yu Xia(夏雨), Freddie Wong, and so on.

His magic had also won the compliments by Jay Chow(周杰伦), Penn & Teller, David Copperfield, Shin Lim(申林), Zedd, Mac King, Mat Franco, Yif(王逸丰), Anna Akana, Seandoesmagic, 

Jeffrey Wang has talent not only in close-up magic but also in stage illusions, parlor magic, street magic, comedy magic, online magic, card manipulation, mentalism, cardistry, and many other forms of magic.

Jeffrey has been invited to perform at various prestigious venues such as Google, campuses, galleries, mansions in Hollywood, private shows, and TV shows in both China and the USA. He has also appeared on the popular TV show "Master of Illusions" and has collaborated on videos with other well-known YouTubers such as Chris Ramsey and Shin Lim.

Jeffrey is also one of the organizers of "The Magic Castle China Week". He brought together a group of 14 Chinese magicians to perform at the Magic Castle during the Chinese Lunar New Year. He himself performed at the Parlor of Prestidigitation theater for a whole week and was warmly welcomed by the audiences.

Jeffrey Wang just came back from Pittsburg and New Orleans as the winner of the IBM (International Brotherhood Magician) and SAM (Society of American Magicians) magic convention contest. He is the People's Choice Award and 4F Award for IBM; as well as the Champaign, People's Choice Award, and Silver Award of Merit for SAM.

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